Hello, you!

My name is Maarja Lind, and I am happy to see you here! I am a design manager and industrial designer with MSc in Design and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. 

How can I help you?

I assist and advise you to give form and life to your thoughts and ideas for industrial design projects.

Am I the right one for the job?

  • What I do

    Mainly, I manage design projects and lead the product design from input to final product.

    Also, I am an industrial designer with technical background and have an experience in

    • designing industrial consumer goods,

    • market and product researching,

    • technical graphic design,

    • renderings,

    you name it...

  • Latest work experience

    My latest experience is from a vastly developing start up, where I held full independence and responsibility for product design in its different aspects and stages, I led the visual vision for the product design, and managed different design projects.

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  • Industry experience

    I have worked in various fields, in different forms: as full-time and part-time employee, freelancer; and for companies of different sizes: small private company, start up, medium-sized manufacturer and international corporation.

  • About me

    I like to walk around the world with my mind, hands and eyes open. I am fond of arts, design, human psychology and technology, but most of all - the combination and synergy of them. I like to keep things simple.

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