Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner

University project for ghibli&wirbel



The project of wet and dry vacuum cleaner was developed in collaboration with ghibli & wirbel as a school project in Politecnico di Milano. The project was mainly focused on technical solutions and improvement of user interaction. 

The project was created in a group of 3.


  • First goal of this concept was to simplify the workflow through reducing the amount of movable parts:
    the motor and the filter are fixed in top part, so the user can focuse only on the action of loading and unloading. The filter has been replaced with more compact cartridge filter that works in both - wet and dry - environment;

  • second goal was to improve feedback to avoid misuse:

    • machine is using a self-locking lever mechanism and a sensor with immediate feedback of tank being full. The user has to interact with the machine using only one button to switch the machine on and off;

    • the machine has a safety off-switch when the tank is full;

    • geometric shape creates constraint, assuring that the tank is placed on the bottom in correct position. 


CAD modeling: Solidworks

Technical Analysis: Fusion 360

rendering: Keyshot

maarja lind / lind.maarja@gmail.com

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