Mooka moka pot

Personal project, collaboration with Dalla Corte



Mooka pot is a concept of a high-end, easily portable electrical Moka machine [Moka pot is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that produces a distinctly strong brew].

The output concept is a Moka pot, witch attachable induction heater and a milk pitcher. Main strength of the Mooka is the combination of compactness and function.

The project was developed independently inside the professional coffee machine production company Dalla Corte.The development of the project, from research to the concept, took 8 months.


The moka pot is designed compact for easier portability and comfortable stocking. The compatible milk pitecher, attachable heater and the pot create an unified body while stocked. 

The water container is designed, in order to build up higher pressure, which could be used for steaming the milk.  

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