Ice cream cart

Private project


Project description

The "Ice cream cart" was a project in which I created a full design solution for the cart, logo of the brand and graphics for print.

The main focus for this project was to keep the working station ergonomic, with two key points adjusted for the client: the height of the lever of the ice cream machine for comfortable operating and height of the working surface.

Other very important point in this project was to create the construction easy to produce and safe to operate. Together with the client, it was chosen to have steel construction. 


One-piece, easy-to-move cart-type ice cream stand with removable shade. The cart has drawers for inventory and has to safely support the ice-cream machine.

Project output:

  • visual design for graphics and logo (print-ready files);

  • aesthetical product design of the cart;

  • general technical solution;

  • general technical drawings;

  • choice of materials;

  • commercial parts and production selection with recommendations and links.

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